The help ofAugmented Reality and Holograms.

I have been using their software for over a year, and it has transformed our marketing campaigns. The features are powerful and user-friendly, and the customer support team is outstanding.

Our mission

We’re here to solve the complex challenges of selling digital products globally. We believe that selling online should be easy-peasy for everyone.

Our values

We are committed to ownership, craftsmanship, execution, humility, simplicity and the art of listening. We work to lift the companies and creatives we work with by delivering on our promises and consistently improving one day at a time.

Our goals

We aim to make global digital sales and payments accessible to everybody. We believe building a fun, streamlined and accessible payments platform will enable our community to impact the world significantly.

Getting people to read more by bringing books into today’s world

We came together over a shared excitement about building a product that could solve our own problem of where our next favourite book is coming from. But also a product that helps everyone thrive in this market: from readers and authors to publishers and booksellers.